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Body Enhancer - what it is not designed to do!

Reduce weight rapidly, like most diet regimes, through loss of muscle tissue. You must eat healthy, regular, well-balanced meals - especially a good breakfast. It is most important not to diet while on Body Enhancer.

Body Enhancer is not a programme for rapid weight loss; it is designed as a dietary regime for a minimum period of three to six months.

Each individual has a different rate of metabolism. The research scientists who are responsible for Body Enhancer say that no-one should expect to see results for 6-7 weeks, although a number of people experience results more quickly than that. For most people we advocate a 3-6 month programme. Young, healthy people will see faster results than older people. People who have dieted a lot, or whose bodies need cell repair work, need to be patient. A sound diet and exercise regime will help you achieve maximum results.


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