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It's as Simple as that!

Body Enhancer must be consumed on an empty stomach as food interferes with its absorption (you may drink water or tea without milk or sugar in the evening). Water is most important as fat burning uses water. Also, toxins are stored in our fat and as it is broken down the toxins are released into the bloodstream and need to be flushed away. For maximum benefits from Body Enhancer you must drink plenty of water.

Some people experience headaches, tiredness or an "off-colour" feeling in the mornings after starting Body Enhancer programmes. This is due to toxins being released too quickly. Increasing water intake and reducing the dose for a week or so should remedy the problem.

It is a proven fact that our bodies only build and repair muscle during the first 45-90 minutes of sleep. Body Enhancer should be taken just prior to going to sleep, not just before going to bed.

It is not a meal replacement. It is formulated from 100% natural ingredients and is for health conscious people who are anxious to avoid the use of drugs and wish to look good and feel great.


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