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Testimonials from users around the globe with positive experiences of our products are a valuable asset for new clients and ourselves. It's great to know that our products are providing the health support that so many peole are looking for.

Special thanks to all those who have taken the time to share your success with us. We would like to apologise to those customers who have provided us with their testimonials that they are not reproduced in full. Due to New Zealand regulations in the area of weight management and to comply with the Medicines Act we are unable to include any reference to weightloss or changes in body size, shape or form in testimonials. The following are some of the letters and e-mails we have received which have been abridged:

Adrienne - age, early 40's
"I have three children and after my third child I found it really dificult to control my weight the way I used to. It was a real battle. After weeks on Body Enhancer I found I was better able to manage my weight in the way that I wanted to. After 2 months I stopped the programme for 3 months and found that I was still able to continue to manage my weight. I'm really thrilled and it's so easy to do. I have more energy, don't feel as tired at the end of the day, and have just started another Body Enhancer programme."

Dave - age, early 50's
"I am a self-employed graphic designer and have had constant weight control problems as I am desk bound. On being told about Body Enhancer, with it's simple, easily followed regime and one dose a day, I thought it sounded just too good to be true.

One month later and I was no longer a sceptic! After weeks on the programme I was better able to manage my weight. I haven't been fanatical about my food and I was feeling better about myself physically when I recommenced exercising."

Tim - age, mid 30's
"In my business its very hard to keep a watch on your weight. After 10-12 hours a day tied to the desk its hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. Using Body Enhancer, with light exercise 2 or 3 times a week, the weight was so much easier to manage. As far as I'm concerned it's great. Body Enhancer is a marvellous product that anybody with problems controlling their weight or even motivating oneself to exercise can use with success."


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