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Your Questions Answered

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for Bee V Balm. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from people wanting to use this excellent product. Please view our testimonials page for those who have used the product.

If you can't find the question you want answered below, then please submit your question to Zenith via our questions form.

How soon will I notice that Bee V Balm is working? Some receive 100% relief in as little as 5 minutes, for others, maximum relief may occur more gradually over a period of 3 to 4 days. Severity of discomfort and the interaction of individual biological makeup with the active ingredients will determine how quickly and effectively BVB works. It will also depend on your general state of health.

Your directions say to use a small amount of cream. How much should be applied? Apply just enough to cover the affected area and gently rub in until fully absorbed.

How often should Bee V Balm be applied? Apply when required by gently smoothing a small amount onto the affected area.

Why have you taken out the bee venom? New international research showed that it was possible to produce a cream without bee venom and still improve its efficacy. We decided to do this because of the number of people who wanted to use Bee V Balm but couldn’t because of allergies or health issues with bee venom.

How do you know this Bee V Balm is better than the old formulation? We sent samples of the new formulation to over 80 previous customers and asked them to return a questionnaire on the new BVB. All, except one, said how good the product was.

How can you increase the quantity from 30 grams to 50 grams and reduce the price? As we have taken over the manufacturing of our product we have cut out the middle man and been able to pass on the savings to our customers.


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