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Why do you say not to use on children under 6 years of age? Because the child may transfer some of the cream from the affected area to eyes or lips by hands. This may cause discomfort.

Am I able to use Bee V Balm if I am pregnant? All companies play very safe when dealing in this area and Zenith is no exception, not because we feel that Bee V Balm may be harmful but because insufficient is known about the effect of many substances on a foetus. Also, birth problems may result from exposure to factors such as radiation or spray poisoning but the mother's concerned may not even know they have been exposed to such factors. They may assume that any resulting problems are due to something they used during their pregnancy. This precaution is to protect our company.

Am I able to use Bee V Balm if I am breastfeeding? Again, all companies play very safe in this area and Zenith is no exception, not because we feel that BVB may be harmful but because there has not been sufficient research in the area of what is passed from the mother to the baby by her milk. This precaution is to protect both babies and our company.

Will I have to keep using Bee V Balm for the rest of my life? In our experience, most people find that as time goes on they need to use Bee V Balm less and less.

Are there any side effects associated with the Bee V Balm? There are no known harmful side effects with the BVB. Some people may feel a cooling sensation during the first few applications.

My dog is suffering badly from creaky, painful joints. Can I use Bee V Balm on him? We have some great success stories of people using Bee V Balm on dogs and horses but it is important to ensure that the animals cannot lick the area where Bee V Balm has been applied. Bandages or wide neck collars are recommended.

What is the expiry date for Bee V Balm? The expiry label is on the bottom of the pot. The BB stands for Best Before followed by the month and year. The bottom date on the label is the production date.


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