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Quiksilver supports the body's
defence system.

one of the products
from Zenith's NeoNutrients range.

We catch most common ailments and diseases by either contact or air borne infection. If you can keep your throat, nose, ears and digestive tract free of harmful pathogens you can enjoy better health.

  • Are you working too hard, overtired or stressed?
  • Are you exposed to re-circulated air?
  • Do your children bring home unwanted nasties from school?
  • Are you in contact with someone who is sick?

If any of the above applies to you take a 10 day course of colloidal silver as protection. It is most important to have colloidal silver on hand BEFORE you start to feel ill.

If you eliminate harmful pathogens before they become established you can help your immune system to keep you well.

Quiksilver consists of very fine silver particles in special negatively charged water that is able to penetrate all tissue.

Most colloidal silvers vary between 5-15 parts per million. Zenith Corporation has been working for many months to bring to our customers Quiksilver a 40 ppm laboratory tested and proven colloidal silver that is 100% bio-available, made from 99.9% pure silver, is non-toxic and non-addictive.

However, due to government regulations, colloidal silver preparations of this strength are only available to our overseas customers. NZ residents are still able to buy Quiksilver although at a reduced strength of 10ppm.


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