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Should colloidal silver be clear and colourless?
It is almost impossible to commercially produce a clear, colourless colloidal silver of 40 ppm. A weak solution of 10 - 15 ppm will be clear but as the solution becomes stronger the increased number of colloidal particles reflect the light, giving the solution a silvery or cloudy appearance.

Some manufacturers say colloidal silver should be pale yellow or golden in appearance. Is this true?
Silver is one of the whitest of metals. It is never yellow or gold in colour. If these colours are present in colloidal silver solution then either, the solution has been artificially coloured, or, other compounds are present.

Can strong solutions of colloidal silver lead to toxicity of the kidneys and liver and become potentially dangerous?
Most colloidal silver particles are too large to pass into the blood stream and therefore cannot reach the kidneys or liver. Some companies may add silver salts to their solution to raise the level of parts per million. Silver salts are soluble and the silver ions can pass into the blood stream. Such solutions, when taken in large quantities, or injections of silver, may result in toxicity and should never be used except under strict medical supervision. Zenith Corporation never adds silver salts to Quiksilver Colloidal silver.

I have heard that colloidal silver should only be taken in low concentrations, as otherwise beneficial bacteria will be destroyed. Is this true?
Some of the beneficial bacteria can be replaced by eating acidophilus yoghurt, which replaces the beneficial, but not harmful, bacteria in the intestinal tract.


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